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Tony Perotti

When Tony Perotti started the family business 39 years ago, his goal was to share his experiences as a craftsman and luxury traveler with his customers. From the very first day, Tony Perotti has produced superior quality, creating handcrafted classic leather creations that combine fashion as well as modern function. Tony Perotti is an Italian designer committed to offering exceptional character and functionality in each product. He personally examines each item to the highest standard of workmanship and superiority before it leaves his factory. 

Tony Perotti’s lifelong respect for the environment has led him to seek out more ecologically-correct tanning methods that are non-toxic to both humans and the environment. Green and Italico Collection’s handbags, briefcases, luggage, wallets and accessories are made using eco-friendly Italian leather.

Tony Perotti believes it is very important to support the local communities in the small regions of Italy. He works with Vera Pelle tanneries, who are known for their genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather methods. Vera Pelle is an esteemed tannery that uses skills and methods passed down from generation to generation on conserving the natural beauty of leather without harming Mother Earth. In the tanning process, the untreated leather is rotated in large wooden drums, where it is softened and enriched with natural treatments from plant extracts and olive oils. Like fingerprints, no grains have repeatable characteristics, meaning each Tony Perotti piece is unique and special. Our method of vegetable-tanning by hand brings the natural markings to the surface, revealing the traces of life with the leather’s veins, wrinkles, and scratches. 

The combination of high grain leather and hand-tanned eco-friendly oils makes our leather products original, unique, and timeless art pieces. We are committed to continuing our tradition of contributing to the preservation of our environment by using age-old craftsmanship and modern environment wisdom.

Much of our product development is the result of inspiration drawn from personal experiences and modern fashion trends. Tony Perotti has always been open to listening to his customers and responding to their requests and needs for products that combine, functionality and style. 

Tony Perotti and the rest of the Perotti Family are very proud of all the long-term relationships that have been created during the past years and look forward to introducing new customers to the Perotti family.

We welcome you to the Perotti family. 

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