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About Travelon

Travel has always been about “different”, but “different” also brings with it mishaps, screw ups, even dangers. These are the reasons Travelon set out to make products that solve real-world travel problems.

Travelon, is more than a name, it is the call to go further, see more and have better travel experiences. With Travelon products you’ll travel fearlessly and easier.

What we believe

When travel goes right, you see the world, connect and build social relationships, discover opportunities to learn and grow, or have the chance to develop new skills and immerse yourself in other cultures. When travel goes right, it brings us closer to ourselves and others. So, go further, see more and have better experiences – when you pack your journey with the peace-of-mind that comes with any Travelon product.

Who are we

Frustrated with inadequate travel bags? Avid traveler, Travelon founder Don Godshaw was too. He found most bags didn’t satisfy the rigor of travel. In the wake of many broken, stolen or useless bags, Don set out to create a bag that performed better; provided real security for real journeys; possessed the organization a true traveler needs; utilized state-of-the-art material technology and uncompromised construction standards for durability; and above all, possessed discerning style. Today, a Travelon bag means the world to a traveler’s peace-of-mind. Not only for its built-in 5-Point Anti-Theft security system, but the sum of all reasons stated above.

It is the spirit of innovation that permeates the Travelon culture and made it "the go-to brand" for travel accessories. Product innovation is what really excites us – and what sets us apart. So much so that Travelon has been awarded over 130 patents to date. Through innovation combined with a dogged pursuit of excellence, Travelon products have raised industry standards.

Travel, it’s in our blood and at the heart of our family business ethos.

What made us

Thousands of testimonials, loyal customers and a first-class product track record confirm – we sweat the details to bring you products you can count on for all your journeys, near and far. Known as a travel-lifestyle brand with products that address a range of personal travel styles and needs. You will find Travelon products carried by travelers around the world. You will also find us on countless travel expert’s “what-to-pack” checklists.

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